poniedziałek, 6 lipca 2015

Around The World - Amazon River, Brasil

Michael Green is an old Metka by Traczka's friend. We met in Warsaw, Poland, back in mid nineties. We were young and beautiful. Now we are beautiful and still young ;-) Now Michael works in international affairs, writes books and travels a lot around the world.

Anyway, Michael came over to Warsaw few weeks ago for let's say family reasons. We had a chance to talk a lot, recall Mr. Metka by Traczka and celebrate our rare contact. Of course I dragged Michael to my studio to show off a bit. He got some baggies too.

Few weeks later I receive a photo with a note: "Metka by Traczka up the Amazon river. Somewhere between Manaus and Parintins, in Amazonas State, Brazil.".


The last photo was taken at the hotel, with a view to famous Ipanema Beach. Shall we sing "Girl From Ipanema" then? :-)

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