czwartek, 2 sierpnia 2012

Is Metka by Traczka eco-friendly?

This is the question from a Polish eco-website - green side of life.

Metka says: The idea if my underwear travel baggies is 100% eco-friendly. Instead of putting your lingerie/underwear and socks into supermarket plastic bags, you can use Metka by Traczka's travel bags. Always made of great cotton fabrics, with hand-embroidered writing "CLEAN & not so CLEAN" or "wash me & wear me". When travelling it is much easier to keep your luggage in order, much less embarassment at the airport. After coming back home it is much easier to unpack, and wash what you need to wash.

Metka by Traczka never thought about herself as an eco-friendly person. She is not a vegetarian, she wears leather shoes and does lot of non-eco-friendly things. As much as she can recall beeing green is turning off the light in the room she leaves. And instead of using her own car, she very often hops on the public transport (which in her city of Warsaw - capital of Poland - does work very well). 

She is somehow  not convinced for eco food shops in Warsaw, as she finds them sad and boring, and extremely expencive. They are usually located in big shopping malls (which themselves are not eco-frienly at all!).  It is not worth it - very often in local groceries you can find really (really!) great local fruit and vegetables. 

More you can find here - in Polish, but why not using a google translator? ;-)

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